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Parenting Workshop

Being an effective parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. There is no instruction manual that provides answers to all the problems that parents face daily. Without a clear understanding of how and why children behave, parents, while trying to do their best, can develop levels of frustration which may lead to them feeling powerless. The focus of this program is on participants learning about practical strategies for positive parenting.

Why Parents need to attend Parenting Courses:
These days, lots of parents report that "I've tried everything, from offering reward to punishing, threatening and withdrawal of privileges, but nothing seems to work!  Children these days are so different and uncontrollable.  I really don’t know what else to do."  These are just some of the words of frustration often uttered by well-meaning parents who simply want their children or adolescents to behave well.  What should they do?

Children are indeed uncontrollable, but that is not the root of the challenges parents face.  It is the tendency to control the uncontrollable that makes parenting problematic for many.
What we cannot control, we can at best influence.  And our ability to influence our children rests solely upon the strength of the relationship we have with them, which can be enhanced by replacing destructive habits with constructive ones that can foster the sense of parent-child connection.  It is only when we successfully make our children feel loved and connected that we regain control on how our journey through parenthood will continue to unfold.

Choice Theory-based trainings offer one paradoxical piece of advice: "When you give up controlling, you gain control."  
To do so, we need to learn :
A New Way of Acting with our Children
A New Way of Thinking about Children’s Behaviours, and
A New Way of Seeing Children

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