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Job Analysis, Job Evaluation and Organizational Structure

Job analysis (JA) and job evaluation (JE) is the definition of different tasks and responsibilities existing in each job and also the characteristics and behavior which is expected from the job holder. The objective is to establish a practical structure between jobs and other HR functions like job grading, performance management, training, development and recruitment.

Job evaluation and analysis results in:

Clarifying main responsibilities and requirements of each job;
Clarifying main job families and groups;
Clarifying skills and competencies needed in each job;
Evaluating existing organizational chart and proposing improvements;
Reevaluating job titles and job families;
Finalizing job descriptions.

Atieh Roshan Consulting (ARC) has extensively conducted JA and JE projects for small and large scale companies in various industries, including but not limited to; cement, banking, FMCG sectors. Our methodology utilizes standard international job evaluation systems but also takes local factors into account based on country specific legal and market requirements.
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