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Intercultural Awareness

Another signature program in ARC is our intercultural awareness program.

In today's international and global world where multinational companies enter new and sometimes unchartered territories, culture plays an important role in how companies operate in new markets. Understanding the cultures, habits, norms, behaviors and values in different countries is seen as a success factor in a new operation. In turn, learning to manage culturally diverse teams and work groups is a constant challenge to multinationals in new countries.

ARC offers workshops to assist multinationals and expatriate businesspeople gain a better understanding of intercultural awareness and communication in the Iranian context. The programs can be delivered for intercultural awareness, expatriate selection, intercultural coaching, working and managing Iranian staff, intercultural teambuilding and understanding negotiation styles in Iran. Audiences are diplomats, expatriates, spouses and families, and also Iranian staff and companies working with multinationals.

The programs we offer are:

Country specific intercultural awareness (Iran and other countries)
Competence in international business etiquettes
Managing and communicating effectively with multi-cultural teams
Creating team synergy
Expatriate selection
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