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Expatriate Living Conditions in Iran

The objective of this report is to provide a document or a general view for expatriates based in Iran to have better understanding of the infrastructure and general living conditions of Iran.

This report is updated annually and tries to add value in the content and reliability of information.

The areas, which have been covered in this report, are:

1- Iran at a glance
2- Education
3- Healthcare
4- Housing issues
5- Communication
6- Transportation facilities
7- Recreational facilities
8- Sports facilities
9- Dining
10- Hotels in Tehran
11- Dress code and segregation rules
12- Security and safety
13- Other Important information for foreigners

Atieh Roshan’s main intention in producing this report is to demonstrate some accurate and practical information for expatriates to learn more about Iran and the issues which other expatriates are experiencing in the country to avoid any possible inconvenience or confusion.
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