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Other Testimonials 2

“When I entered Iran, I experienced an intense sense of loneliness and professional incompetence due to the magnitude of language and cultural differences. If it wasn't for the support, advice and encouragement that I received from the staff of Atieh Roshan, I would have quitted within the first 3 months of my assignment. These people gave me insight into understanding the challenges that Multi Nationals face, assist with extremely well thought through cultural awareness training for both myself and other visitors to Iran. We also involved them in our business to assist with salary benchmarks and recruitment and they really distinguish themselves as reliable and trustworthy partners with exceptional professionalism. They grew to much more than just another consultancy firm - they have become real friends who I will treasure for the rest of my live!”

Jarries Van Jaarsveld, HR Consultant, Sasol Polymers (South Africa).