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Testimonials 4

“I can say that the IACS was not only an event which gave us services to benchmark ourselves against the competitive market, but it was also a training event to taught us.

• How best to evaluate the jobs in our company.
• Define certain jobs which were very unique and how best to evaluate their group and incorporate them into the job grade system.
• Realize how competent we are in the market in terms of salary and benefits.
• Helped us to specifically assess ourselves against the companies who are active in the same sector as we are (e.g. Oil & Gas).
• Also helped us to assess ourselves against the most competent international companies working in Iran as well as many of the competent Iranian companies.
• IACS personnel also showed us a lot of professionalism in the field of "Compensation & Remuneration" and one trusted that they are in good hands.

The last and not least is the good behavior and respectful manner of all their personnel.
I personally and my Company were privileged for working with IACS (and Atieh Roshan Consulting) for almost a decade.

Many thanks again and lots of success in your future path,”

Kind regards,
Mojdeh Eftekhar, Ex HR Manager, Shell Company