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Iran Human Resources Forum (IHRF)

Atieh Roshan Consulting believes in creating added value added in HR activities. To achieve such a goal, we started the Iran HR Forum since 2005 to provide a professional space for HR colleagues to share and discuss HR related information.

It is also to provide an environment to learn and develop the knowledge base of our local Iranian talent in order to enhance our HR skills and develop HR professionals. The services provided in the IHRF are knowledge sharing meetings and workshops, expert seminars and annual conference and dinner.

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The IHRF is a strong HR community, allowing our members to discuss our present and future HR challenges and more importantly, share in providing solutions. The IHRF has been unique as many members are in direct competition with each other, however in the forum; they are colleagues and part of the same team. it is an environment of trust and open discussion.

We feel privileged that through the active participation of our members, the IHRF is a forum of discussion and learning in an environment of trust.

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