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Our Team

The staff at Atieh Roshan Consulting reflects high levels of professionalism which comes with our diverse backgrounds and different knowledge bases. Our consultants come from Management and Human Resources backgrounds. Our team has been educated and has worked in different geographic locations of Iran and Europe. We combine a global knowledge and multicultural dimension to our work and offer a professional, honest and committed service to our clients.

We are committed to developing and optimizing the role and understanding of Human Resources in the Iranian market, such that we work closely with a number of local and international companies to enhance the combined knowledge concerning international and local challenges.

Atieh Roshan Consulting has a full time team of directors, managers, senior consultants, consultants and researchers. External consultants are also used in projects both from Iran and internationally. A number of our external, national and international consultants and trainers have been from the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, independent HR consultants, and academics.