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Pari Namazie, PhD

Chairwoman of the Board, Atieh Roshan Consulting (ARC)

Areas of Expertise include:

Human Resource Consultant
Global team development trainer
Building intercultural competence
Middle East and Islamic country knowledge
Design and delivery of Learning and Development Solutions

Pari has over 18 years of experience working as a consultant to multinational and international companies. Her expertise is working in emerging and risky markets to set up, implement and deliver HR processes. She is involved in talent management and development, performance management, compensation and benefits consulting, designing HR strategies and learning and development.

In addition to her HR consulting, Pari has worked with all organisational levels from senior executives to project and virtual teams providing training solutions in intercultural competence, personal leadership, global team development, building trust and organisational commitment, values and strategies.

One of her main strengths is to help companies better understand working and living in the Middle East and Islamic countries.

Pari holds a PhD in International Human Resources Management (2007) from Middlesex Business School in London. She contributes to academic journals and is a regular speaker at international conferences on HRM and intercultural competence.

In her career, Pari has founded and co-founded 4 consultancies; Atieh Bahar Consulting, a strategic consultancy, Atieh Roshan Consulting, an HR consultancy and Atieh Borna; a  talent management consultancy and now Atieh International; a strategy and HR consultancy based in Vienna Austria. Atieh International works in emerging and risky markets, mainly covering West Asia.

Pari is currently based in Vienna where she manages Atieh International GmbH.

Pari can be contacted at:
Skype: parinamazie