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Joining the Team at ARC

Lasting companies are built on a strong organizational culture; this culture is formed through a value system.

In Atieh Roshan Consulting, we believe a strong vision, business direction, mission and values, create a strong organizational culture. With strong culture, we produce a shared vision to which we each aspire and work towards.

Our values begin with the attention we pay to our human resource base. Our aim is to create a leading edge HR consulting firm in Iran and in the region, to respond to HR challenges both locally and globally in the Iranian market and beyond.

For this ambitious plan, we need to have a resourceful, active and enthusiastic HR consulting team, who are professionals in the field of HR.

Our HRM system is integral to build this foundation. HRM must consist of a united, fair and transparent system, which allows each of our staff to understand their values in the organization, recognition in the value chain, development and growth.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us at:
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